Politics-Free Zone Ahead :)

Hey all, we’re eight days out from this thing that is actually happening, no this isn’t a collective hallucination, so I’m going to take today to only share non-election or politics news. I feel like we’ve all reached burn out and back again, and since my schedule this week will be erratic, their’s a probability that this missive won’t be at 100%. So take gander below, keep sending fun and funny things my way cuz I need it, and let’s do this.

Today, in not funny tech compensation: after many took sub-market salaries in order to get more stock options in a company that seemed a guaranteed win, Ex-Palantir Employees Are Struggling To Sell Their Shares. We’ve talked about the employee challenges of stock options as compensation, namely that for the vast majority of companies, options are magical unicorn dust that never materialize. But a company like Palantir, with investments from the CIA and Peter Thiel, wasn’t supposed to be like the others.

Happy Halloween: Someone dressed up like their dog’s favorite Gumby chew toy and surprised the pup. Who just. couldn’t deal. (thx to everyone who sent).

In the Halloween spirit, I discovered that friend of the Missive Jess is as obsessed with True Crime podcasts as I am, so here’s the list of scary pods I am obsessed with right now: Sword and Scale, You Must Remember This, Here Be Monsters, and the definitely NSFW, not for the faint of heart or at all easily offended because I feel like I’m going to hell just for listening and laughing at it Last Podcast on the Left.

Anyone else basically obsessed with Lady Gaga’s new album? It’s like The Killers jamming out with Ani DiFranco at a disco in Nashville and I freaking love it after a few listens. And obviously related is this 2013 15 Best Angsty-Girl Songs From the 90s list from The Daily Beast, which seems like my set list from when I used to play coffee shops in Calgary in high school.