Pray for my delicate and pale Canadian skin, please.

My sweet things, how are we this morning/afternoon? You probably noticed that today’s Missive is delayed, and that’s because I up and decided to go to the Island of Hawaii for a whole week. I’m not exactly spontaneous, I never take vacations, I’ve never been to Hawaii, and I’ve never traveled solo, so why not do it all in one fell swoop? LOL. Anyhoo, the Missive will either be spotty or missing until next Thursday, so that I can be present, get some much needed R&R, and hopefully avoid the internet as much as I possibly can. Please send your Big Island recommendations, as I’ll be traveling all over the island and would love to hear about your favorite adventures. Also, please send book recommendations, because I plan on reading a ton.

Anyhoo, the internet is still here! So let’s read it, shall we?

Darlings, that’s all I can muster this morning. I hope you have an excellent week, and I look forward to storming your inbox next Thursday morning.

As always, be kind to each other, and to yourself.

Xoxo Amy