Protest Weddings, Rideshare Birthdays, and Other Life Cycle Events

Happy Monday, darlings. May we all be as awesome as the two gay comedians who married one another in Melbourne to protest gay marriage bans. The ceremony included comedians, protestors, and a great speech from fellow standup Hannah Gadsby, who said: “Through their union, filled with love and disrespect, from both within and without, what Rhys and Zoe would like to say to all children is that being inclusive is just as important as being included.” In lieu of gifts, the couple raised money for an LGBT youth charity. From BuzzFeed: "The ceremony finished with the, erm, loving couple declining to kiss one another and opting for a passionate smooch with their same-sex partners instead."

68 million people around the world pay to stream music.

Happy third birthday, UberX, the "largely legal… non-commercially licensed ride-share service."

Lululemon is getting an in-store makeover: less namaste, more everyday AMIRITE? *high fives self*

Ruh roh: America now has nearly 5 PR people for every reporter, double the rate from a decade ago.

And today in Techmeme headlines I don't understand: Gilt co-founder Alexis Maybank launches Project September, a service with photos from users' Instagram feeds and camera rolls that users tag with buying leads.