Puppy-Delivery-As-A-Service Is The Only New Start-Up Idea I Can Get Behind, And Other Reasons I Am Not A VC.

Why hello, lovely ones! It’s very nearly the end of August and while clients, colleagues, friends and nemeses (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) are out on holiday, I’ve got a grab bag of internet information to help YOU get through your morning.

Let’s get to it!

  • Caroline McCarthy wrote an excellent piece in Spectator on the rise of fandom tourism, and I LOVE how kind and anti-travel-snob she is. Key section: “I wish every city’s tourism sector was so heavily dominated by people who had invested hours (if not years) of their lives in history, or in cinematic and literary epic universes… there’s something quaint about a place where tourists care more about the story than the selfie. Even if that story is fiction or folklore.” And her kicker is absolutely perfect: “May we all travel for our own loves, rather than for others’ ‘likes.’” Caroline, per usual, you are delightful.

  • IDK why we’re asking a crime writer about Jeffrey Epstein, but here we go: Author James Patterson on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Unbelievable’ Crimes.

  • Today, in headlines that make me laugh harder than a 35-year-old woman should: Sex Is Better for Men Who Eat Nuts, Says Study Funded by Big Nut. Basically, the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council commissioned a study on how eating nuts can, ahem, improve performance, and they called the study Fertinuts, and I can’t stop giggling. Also, the comms professional in me wishes I was in the room for the brainstorming for that study. A reminder: when reading a study, be sure to look for who paid for the whole darned thing. And can we please slow clap for the tag on the post, which reads “Nuts To That!”

  • As someone who accidentally took her first sip of alcohol in years* after ordering something from a restaurant’s voluminous non-alcoholic menu, stating that I didn’t drink, and then asking my waiter numerous times which one of the drinks delivered to our table was my mocktail (FYI: he literally threw himself back on the table to tell us he’d mixed them up, mere seconds after I took a sip and said “wow, how did they make this taste so much like scotch?” Needless to say, some things were comped and I’m happy to report the actual mocktail was yummy.) I’m not a fan of staff making assumptions / mistakes around booze in drinks: This Waiter Gave A Pregnant Customer Virgin Cocktails When She Ordered Alcoholic Ones — Who's The A[rse]hole? Friends, what are your thoughts on this?

  • And finally, A Hotel in Denver Will Deliver Puppies and Prosecco to Your Room. TAKE MY MONEY and just send the puppehs, forget the prosecco, plz.

You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy

*don't worry, all is good, life happens :)