Random Reading List: ♫ Not Gonna Happen 🎶

There's a murder of crazy out there, I'm out of coffee, and this assam tea just isn't cutting it, so let's get to a random reading list already!

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this Johnson ad from 52 years ago with a “Republican” having a party crisis re: Goldwater’s ties to the Klan. *cue twilight zone muzak*

I haven’t even started reading this because it was published a minute ago, but #whoaiftrue: My Summer Job at the Bohemian Grove, Serving Milkshakes to the Shitfaced Global Elite.

In a perfect moment that is the antithesis of the current American cultural zeitgeist, Syrian refugees in Canada got housed in same hotel as VancouFur furry convention and the children loved it. I want to hug the person who came up with the name VancouFur.

All San Francisco dwellers have seen some crazy stuff in our time here, but ahhh Man Of The Cloth Helps Save Mission District From Rampaging Piglet. The piglet looks smugly satisfied in the lede photo.

It’s happening everyone: Vanity Fair has declared that Silicon Valley’s Exodus Begins.

Fast Company tells us stress is all in our heads. THANKS FAST COMPANY.

And finally, Ted Cruz told a story about his kid that included a pretty cute / instantly gifable moment. I’m going to write about this soon, but 2016 is officially the gif election, and Ted Cruz knew exactly what he was doing (look at him look at the camera, and see gif above.)

Toodles, loves!