Re-Branded Logos are Easy to Make Fun Of.

Happiest of Fridays, my dearests. Let’s get to it!

Y’all know I think words and branding matter: I like fonts, I could argue about verbs for hours and I’ve been known to golf clap well-crafted taglines in my day. So join me in reading this delightfully bitchy story on the City of Edmonton’s new “one-word brand” and the alternatives that the Post came up with, including

Headline of my life: FORGET THE BLOOD OF TEENS. THIS PILL PROMISES TO EXTEND LIFE FOR A NICKEL A POP (all the better in WIRED’s ALL CAPS headline style.) And while we’re on how wonderful WIRED is, the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast interview with Theodora Goss on the mad scientist-created female monsters that gothic literature forgot is 💯.

Articles I'm catching up on this weekend:

Toodles, my darlings! Have a great weekend.