Reader Takeover: Nazi News and Other Ways to Hack Elections

Good morning, darlings! I started this Missive from SFO, where I took advantage of the Yoga room, sipped a cold brew while eating Strauss greek yogurt from Napa Farms market before I got on a Virgin American flight, because Bay Area. If you missed me on Friday, it was because I was hunting down the rumors of a Virgin American / Alaska Airlines merger, rumors proved true this morning. I am already mourning my mood lighting, even more so since I type this from VA Flight 001 to DCA.

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So how’s it going? Normally I’d have some pithy take on the weekend’s political antics, but alas I’ve taken to turning my phone off and retreating to my safe room with the pups lately. So instead, I’m going to let you, my fine and fabulous readers, do my snarky work for me this morning.

Reader Shmuel, a fine human whom I know avoids references to Hitler when at all possible*, provided some Guardian historical context for the role of the press in bolstering totalitarian governments: how Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis. As Shmuel reports

"the section re: AP and AFP access to the DPRK raises questions about their ability to actually do reporting from a totalitarian state, and not just act as a mouth-piece for the local propaganda ministry -- especially because Westerners love photos from the DPRK. And really, the questions this raises vis-a-vis press freedom and expanded liable laws during a (hypothetical) Trump presidency, are very very frightening.”

*PS: was that the proper use of whom? I haven't had my third cold brew yet.

Dan shares this Bloomberg article How to Hack an Election featuring a hacker stating they’re “100% sure” that this election is being hacked with the remark that's it's an “interesting tidbit, for sure.” Dan, I know you're a great deal less hyperbolic than I am, but I don’t think I share your understated reaction, as I am only half way through it and I’m pretty sure I distrust any institution connected to the internet now.

And reader Colin directs us to the DC Metro woes, predicting that we’ll be similarily screwed on the Left Coast soon enough. But don’t worry, his better half Katelyn soothes our soles (heh) with Justin Trudeau also wears awesome socks because Canada is trolling us all Readers, I must ask: are we edging up on peak Trudeau? I worry we may be.

I’m sure I missed some awesome stuff from you all, but the wifi on this Virgin flight is also crying over the merger and it’s really hard to check email, so keep those emails coming!

Hugs from the air!