Reading (And Listening!) List: Pray For A Swift And Merciless Mosquitopocalypse, Please.

Lovelies, it is Friday and San Francisco is hot hot hot, which means I woke up three times last night to hunt the phantom mosquito who would only emerge to harass me once I was on the precipice of sweet sweet sleep. So needless to say I’m in a punchy mood that no amount of coffee can quash (orders a second box fan so no inch of my bed is without a strong wind to blow away blood-sucking monsters.)

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So let’s get to that sick longform content, yo!

Sarah Emerson, How Facebook Bought a Police Force (VICE) - Emerson’s deep dive into docs that reveal how the tech giant has impacted the inner workings of the Menlo Park Police Department is… hoo boy.

Dan Gorenstein, Tradeoffs (Podcast) - I grew up in a socialized medicine system, and thank goodness for that, since I was a child / young adult who had a few bouts of illness throughout her young life. But when I got to college, and complications from a previous surgery caused me to be hospitalized in Princeton and then in Calgary within months, my family and I were very suddenly faced with the dramatic differences in cost of care across the border. And since living in the US, and in San Francisco in particular, I found myself receiving the very best care but in credit card debt despite having ‘cadillac’ health insurance after I broke my leg, while seeing my father leave the hospital in Calgary after major heart surgery and recovery with nary a bill. So the premise of this podcast (that is: what are the secret costs and policy tradeoffs of the American healthcare system?) is one I am keenly interested in.

Kate Storey, 'One Grotesque Irony After Another': Inside the Rise and Fall of Gawker 2.0 (Esquire) - I still sometimes catch myself typing “” into my browser, as I did nearly every day from 2005 through 2016. This oral history of Bryan Goldberg’s attempt to resurrect the poop-stirring site is SO GOOD / so bonkers.

Katherine Miller, The 2010s Broke Our Sense Of Time (BuzzFeedNews) - Have only read a few paragraphs of this one after I saw it on Twitter this morning, but the premise that social media has caused our social fabric to fold in on itself is… something I will read and tweet about, for sure.

Tim Miller, What Would Delecto Do? (The Bulwark) - When Tim Miller writes about mitt Romney—or any major Republican tbh—read his stuff.

Ferris Jabr, Can You Really Be Addicted to Video Games? (The New York Times Magazine) - I am addicted to a substance that I now abstain from—thank whichever God you believe in—so I’m loathe to question anyone who says they’re addicted to something, but I also very much agree with issues brought up in this section from a piece on behavioral addiction, specially to online gaming: “the modern meaning of “addiction” is an uneasy amalgam of several contradictory legacies: a religious one, which has censured excessive drinking, gambling and drug use as moral transgressions; a scientific one, which has characterized alcoholism and drug addiction as biological diseases; and a colloquial one, which has casually applied the term to almost any fixation.

That’s it for me this morning! Be kind to each other, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy