Reading List: A Dystopic Grab Bag

Can I ask y’all a favor? I’ve received some lovely feedback on the Missive this week, and my goodness I really appreciate it. And if you’ve been enjoying it, why don’t you share it? Whether it’s forwarding yesterday’s Coke Zero rant, posting this link on Twitter, or sharing it with your Facebook friends, your endorsement means a great deal to me, and new readers only make me stronger. Like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, but with less baritone.

But my friends, I’m kinda sad that no one picked up on my delightful and insightful pun at the top of the Missive yesterday, especially considering my subscriber list.

Here’s what I’ve got on my Kindle this weekend:

  • I picked up Brave New World again, because nothing eases my current political worries like an biologically-enforced caste system built on over-stimulation and constant entertainment.

  • On that note, The Atlantic asks “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”

  • We talk a lot here about diversity and representation in the technology industry, so I’m reading“The Real Reason Why I (a Woman) Quit the Mining Industry” with great interest. It’s a personal look at the impact “difference” can have on one’s career in a gender imbalanced workplace, in this case in mineral mining in the Arctic. The section on sexualized conversations in a geographically-isolated mining camp is particularly intense, and the parallels with the stories coming out of the start-up space are uncanny. Kudos to Anne for sharing her story (and thank you to the individual who shared the story with me.)

  • At Vanity Fair, Maya Kosoff tackles “The End of the Silicon Valley Dream: Deciphering Silicon Valley’s strange new post-euphoric landscape.”

Toodles, my loves. Have a mindful and rest-filled weekend. Take care of yourself.