Reading List: Being Decent in Baby Steps, Trolling Academics, Jewish Food for DAAAAAYS.

Buenos días, my darlings! I hope you’re all ready for a remarkably relaxing weekend. Me, I’m hoping for rain because a) it’s really good for California and b) it gives me a super valid excuse to lounge around in yoga pants and re-watch Brooklyn 99. But remember, no one in the world is as looking forward to the weekend as the person from the Utah state bar who sent a n00d photo to every. lawyer. in. the. state. (h/t the fabulous Dr. Haley for that one…)

Here’s some stuff to fill your instapaper with!

If you were one of the many men who wished a lady in your life a “Happy International Women’s Day!” yesterday, how about you also give “100 Easy Ways to Make Women's Lives More Bearable” a read, pick one thing you’ll make a conscious effort to do and share with two fellow men in your life. I’ll draw particular attention to ”34. Share political hot takes from women as well as men. They might not be as widely accessible, so look for them” and “66. Challenge the patriarchs in your secular movement when they enable the oppression of women.” (h/t to the inimitable Emily McCombs for sharing it on twitter)

Also give the NYT Overlooked project a read, where they write publish obituaries for the formidable women they ignored at the time of their passing.

I think we all suspected this, but it’s nice to know we aren’t crazy:False news stories travel faster and farther on Twitter than the truth (Vox)

Also from Dr. Haley for your critical reading pleasure: did you know that even academics write papers that just BEGS to be trolled, hard, in Slate? Because hooo boy they sure can. Are We Reviving Too Many Opioid Overdoses? Is This Really a Question? (Slate)

As someone who spent her teens and twenties tried to fit her square self in the round hole of “cool girl”-ness - read: “I just don’t have many female friends, I get along with guys best” or “I’m like the anti-Bridezilla, it’s not cool to actually care about anything” or “I drink whiskey like a guy instead of wondering why these meetings always seem to happen in bars where it’s ok to say misogynistic tech things” - I viscerally feel this piece: Jennifer Lawrence Is A Prisoner Of Her Cool Girl Image (BuzzFeed)

My college political theory obsessive wants to write a junior paper on this so bad: Machiavelli Was Right (The Atlantic)

And finally, holy shit Tablet magazine profiled the 100 “most Jewish foods” in a gorgeous spread and it is gall-darned delightful, just in time for you to get that Seder table planned.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find and eat alllllll of the Challah.

Hugs and kisses,