Reading List: Belated 4/20, Bloody Musicals, Budget Bedlam

Happy Friday, darlings! Tonight is the first night of passover, and I’m not proud to admit that at 9:55 pm yesterday, I bought the very last two containers of matzoh meal last night at an Alameda grocery store. Just in case I needed them today, despite the two unopened containers already in my pantry. Which I feel is the elaborate holiday meal version of killing a man just to watch him die. And then I felt guilty all night that some human will have to do a last minute run for matzoh meal and be left forlorn in the ethnic food aisle, in tears amongst the jars of gefilte fish and packets of instant miso soups. So yea, if you’re in the East Bay and desperately need matzoh meal tonight at a late hour, shoot me a text and help me assuage my shopping guilt.

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Stuff is still happening!

On 4/20, Snapchat debuted, with the head-tilting approval of the Bob Marley estate, an essentially blackface Snap filter. Folks were none too happy. Thanks Stefana for adding to my “f*ck it bucket* upsetting things emails folder.

Today, in legislative misery, Paul Ryan says there aren’t enough votes to pass a budget.

Bret Easton Ellis saw the American Psycho musical on Broadway, and allowed a Times reporter to trail him as he did so, which is essentially the most Times theater culture piece I’ve ever read.

And finally, in an incident that would make me throw an actual 31-year-old tantrum, a man gave up his upgraded aisle seat for a middle seat so a family could sit together on a plane. Only to have the child sell said seat to a business traveler for $100 and move far away. Raaaaaaage,