Reading List: Braying Donkeys, Unsettling Faces, "Kasich Kuties"

After the epicness that was yesterday’s outpouring of meh from the weekend debates, it's time for random things to read:

The ever wonderful Alex Wilhelm at Mattermark has some tough love and a new term for us: as the tech stock market remains volatile, we’re confronted with former unicorn companies whose value has plunged to below $1 billion, or as Alex coined them, non-icorns. He doesn’t like the term, but I do, so I made something for him:

Joe Scarborough is in a feud with Marco Rubio. I imagine is sounds like the non-icorn above.

I know I already missed the boat for this concept, but Gloria Steinem’s idea of the “politics of the unnecessary adjective” as applied to “strong women” as a compliment is an apt one for this election cycle. From Gloria Feldt’s piece: "So describing a woman as "strong" with respect to her leadership skills or her character, rather than calling attention to her specific physical or mental prowess, keeps all women mired in a mental model that already casts us as the weaker sex."

Presented without comment: Neurologist explains why it’s hard to look at Ted Cruz’s creepy ‘unsettling’ face.

And Sam Biddle once again held a mirror back at the face of 2016 journalism, as he posed as a young woman on Tinder to pitch Kasich’s Action Plan to unsuspecting dudes, an ode to the Bernie Tinder pushers. Biddle, you’re a true patriot.

Have a good one, lovelies!