Reading List: Cuz We’re All Looking For Distractions Right Now

Hello, my doves! As mandatory work from home orders are put into effect you may be, like me, trying to figure out ways to not go stir crazy whilst isolated for the foreseeable future. I’ve been trying to make sure I take breaks throughout the day, do video calls with my colleagues and loved ones, and (as my Mum noticed when I FaceTimed with her and my Dad last night) getting fully dressed and doing my hair and make-up as if I am going to work. Why? Because just like when I was a college actor, sometimes I need the costume to get in the character of “grown-up.”

And you’ll note a distinct lack of pieces re: COVID below. While there are quite a few great long reads on the cultural implications of this moment in time, I haven’t read them yet and don’t want to send them along if I haven’t.

To the longreads! Work has been very busy and I haven’t gone super deep into each of these, so consider this more of a preview for my weekend Kindle.

Dracula (Netflix) - Not a long read, and yes I’ve watched it, because as I mentioned on Twitter, if I’m getting scared by a highly-communicable affliction, I’d like it to be of the Stoker variety. 

Amir Efrati and Cory Weinberg, Inside the Vision Fund’s Civil War: Deal Conflicts, Leak Suspicions (The Information) - With the inflated valuations of start-ups funded by the SoftBank Vision Fund starting to get hit by reality, this insider look at what’s happening at the organization will make a great movie some day.

Lauren Vinopal, The Horrifying Reason Women Are Searching For Their Own Cities On Pornhub (Mel Magazine) - This is some messed up stuff: essentially, women are searching for their cities on the site to see whether or not videos of them have been uploaded without their consent. It’s just awful.

Daniel Markovits, How Life Became an Endless, Terrible Competition (The Atlantic) - This 2019 piece is being recirculated, and I am glad it is. Because I’m kinda getting sick of life as a leaderboard.

Adam Chandler, How we fell for the Fitbit (The Goods by Vox) - I love me some wearable tech, so this take on the industry is a must-read.

Sorry to cut this short, jumping back in to work. Take care of each other, and be kind to yourself, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy