Reading List: Does Rubio Even Lift?, and Other Existential Dilemmas

It’s Thursday, so get reading, already!

DOES MARCO RUBIO EVEN LIFT? (MTV) - On news that a Rubio rally is happening *at a CrossFit gym*, MTV asks the tough questions.

The romantic or the killer: Which Trudeau will emerge? (Macleans) - Everyone, the Canadian prime minister isn’t just puppies, rainbows and feminism: he’ll also chop you the hell out of his cabinet if he has to.

Does a VC’s unconscious hesitation to fund women start at home? (Pando) - If you aren’t reading Sarah Lacy and crew everyday, you’re missing half of the story. They’ve been killing it in the tech culture department.

A Brief History Of Tech Bulls#1t (Mattermark) - if you are shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, at the ballooning valuations for companies that have no business model to speak of, let the great Owen Thomas school you on how this isn't new; it’s always been crap.

Having It All Kinda Sucks (Medium) - "Only women would sign up for this much crap."

BuzzFeed’s PR team has had a great week:
How BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Is Building A 100-Year Media Company (Fast Company)
Digital Digging: How BuzzFeed built an investigative team inside a viral hit factory (Poynter)
The Real Secret to BuzzFeed's Success Isn't Cat GIFs, It's Data (Fortune)
What BuzzFeed's Dao Nguyen Knows About Data, Intuition, And The Future Of Media (Fast Company, again)

Celebrate something today, darlings. See you tomorrow!