Reading list: Facts, Lobbying, Tinder, and a (GASP!) Correction.

Morning, darlings! A quick note (and golly, I think this is this newsletter’s first correction!) When I said “mandatory parental leave” in Canada yesterday, I wasn’t very clear - while Canada does NOT have mandated paternity leave, it does have 35 weeks of parental leave that can be split between either parent, in addition to 15 weeks of maternity leave for the biological mother. It is covered via employment insurance, but employers must keep the position available for the employee after that amount of leave. This isn’t without controversy, as small businesses in particular may "struggle with the financial and efficiency burdens of filling temporary positions” for an entire year, especially for high-skill positions. Apologies for the confusion.

Here’s some reading material to get you through your chilly Tuesday morn.

Depending on who you ask, Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder is either building a version of the dating app that provides a modicum of control for women. Or she’s allegedly stalking a journalist who’s really good friends with Tinder’s communications head. Or both? Either way, it seems like the two-way NDA from Wolfe’s sexual harassment suit against CEO Sean Rad (of doozy interview infamy) and former CEO Justin Mateen isn’t holding up so well. Either way, what a freaking mess.

With Donald Trump firmly entrenched in absurd parody territory, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post looks at how the “fact-free 2016 campaign” is affecting politics and the country at large. SPOILER ALERT: we’re all doomed.

And finally, if it’s in the Times, it’s a trend; startups and tech companies are looking to Washington and spending more on lobbying, even as overall lobbying spend decreases. So if you’re looking for strategic policy communications, I know a Canadian-American who really likes her job! It’s me. Call me.

Happy Tuesday, terrific turkeys! See you tomorrow for a pre-Thanksgiving rundown of classy sweatpants - JK, BuzzFeed’s got it :)