Reading List: Instagram Envy, Unhealthy Workplaces, and a Murder Mystery.

It’s been a week, hasn’t it folks? Here's what I'll be binge-reading on this weekend.

Adrian Chen is a fantastic writer. His Gawker was a Great Place to Become a Journalist should be required before anyone tweets about the Gawker lawsuits and bankruptcy.

I could write my own version of this called I’m a Woman and This is Why I Hate Pinterest: I’m Gay And Instagram Is Ruining My Life. As a wise person reminded me this week, don’t play the inside/outside game on social media - compare your insides to what others are posting outside - because you’ll never win. Social media makes it pretty damned easy to find a myriad of examples to bolster your crippling self-doubt. Self care, my loves, self care.

Chicago Reader: At Profiles Theatre the drama—and abuse—is real, as well as A critic’s mea culpa, or How Chicago theater critics failed the women of Profiles Theatre. For those of us who were involved in amateur theater in high school and college, both of the pieces above needle a sensitive spot. I'm lucky I’ve never been in an abusive theatrical working relationship or environment like the sources described, but I know how theater work mandates vulnerability and quickly-placed trust. I can understand how the lines between on-and-off stage can be blurred, how words on the page can bleed into your real life, how grateful you are for every role you get, no matter what. What these casts endured is awful. Kudos to the Reader for (finally) getting the story out there.

Scientific American: Let's Get Physical: The Psychology of Effective Workout Music This is from 2013, but Vox’s SoulCycle, explained (hint: high brand standards, hard workout, artificial hierarchies, $30 a class, awesome yellow everything) got it back on my radar.

And I haven’t started this one yet, but Mother Jones’s The NRA’s Murder Mystery is waiting on my Kindle right now.

Happiest of weekends, my loves.