Reading List: Internet Status Symbol Children, And Other Alternative Horsepeople Of The Apocalypse.

Good morning, my doves! This will be a quick one, as I haven’t read any of the pieces on my Reading List because I’ve been working on my online Odd Salon invocation (have you grabbed your tickets yet?). So enjoy the unread pieces below, and let me know what you think!

Valeriya Safronova, The New American Status Symbol? A Second Passport (The New York Times) - Obviously I’m biased, because retaining my Canadian citizenship and passport was an absolute requirement of my becoming an American, so really this is just my way of bragging that once again, I’m a hipster cuz I had it before it was cool.

Molly Jong-Fast, A New Political Dynasty: How Maya and Kamala Harris Have Reinvented the Role of the Political Sibling (Town & Country) - At this point, consider me #khive to the moon and back.

Ally Mutnick, Win or lose, Trump’s new GOP is here to stay (POLITICO) - Yea, the number of moderate Republicans who are packing up their marbles and going home only to be replaced by Q wack jobs who believe marbles faked the moon landing should be concerning to anyone who believes in the importance of a constructive two party system. But we lost that a long time ago sooooooo…..

Miles Taylor, At Homeland Security, I saw firsthand how dangerous Trump is for America (The Washington Post) - Excuse me while I hyperventilate into yet another paper bag. 

Caitlin Moscatello, Un-Adopted: YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer shared every step of their parenting journey. Except the last. (The Cut) - I started reading this one, and it is bonkers/tragic/gross and yet another reason I thank my lucky stars every day that my parents weren’t influencers.

Have a lovely weekend, dearests! Be kind to each other, and wear your mask!

xoxo Amy