Reading List: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cozy Fleece Blanket Person Burrito Time

Darlings! As we sprint towards the holiday break, I hope you’ve decided upon a plethora of warm beverages of your preference, you’ve unearthed your ugliest-but-warmest socks and you've stockpiled a large selection of books to consume over the next couple of weeks. Reading anything good? Shoot the titles my way and if I get enough, I’ll send around a Friend of the Missive reading list.


Brian Merchant, Click Here to Kill (Harper’s Bazaar) - Did you know you needed a longform look at the online murder-for-hire economy? You’re welcome!

Simone Stolzoff, What Happens After Prisoners Learn to Code? (The Atlantic) - Office communication company Slack has been working with an organization that trains individuals in prison to code, and while financial and/or teaching support would be cool in and of itself, they’ve actually hired three formerly incarcerated men as full-time employees. And most significantly, they are pairing the employment with support and services to help them transition from prison to San Francisco. So freaking cool. Bravo, Slack.

Mark Galli, Trump Should Be Removed from Office (Christianity Today) - I was so pleasantly surprised by this: the editor-in-chief of the publication founded by the late Rev. Billy Graham published a clarion call to people of faith to remove President Trump from office as his retirement editorial. As the Washington Post discussed, Galli has taken a lot of heat from Trump-supporting evangelical leaders, but states that Galli claims that overall, the feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive.” Good.

Anna Merlan, This Discovery Might Hold the Secrets to the Deadliest Racist Massacre in U.S. History (Vice) - Did you watch Watchmen? If you didn’t, please close this email right now and start watching it, I promise I’ll be here when you get back. If you have been watching it, you know that one of the key plot devices in the series is a deadly attack on a “prosperous African-American community.” I’m a huge history buff, so when the show started with that, I assumed it was fiction that “35 city blocks and… at least 1,200 homes” were destroyed and a disputed-but-shockingly-high number of people were killed. The Tulsa Massacre is not fiction. This week, it was reported that researchers may have found a large common grave that could provide evidence of many, MANY more killed than official numbers claim.

Sarah McBride, Gillian Tan, Giles Turner, Peter Elstrom, Pavel Alpeyev and Brad Stone, SoftBank Vision Fund Employees Depict a Culture of Recklessness (Bloomberg Businessweek) - If you live outside of Silicon Valley, they revelations of WeWork’s corporate sh!tshow might have surprised you. For those of us in and around technology, who’ve watched artificially-inflated valuations skyrocket for companies that don’t seem to do anything new fuel the latest gold rush, none of if is surprising. So this look at the primary source of that VC cash to burn is a must-read.

You're lovely. Get some rest this weekend, and be kind to yourself mmmkay?
xoxo Amy