Reading List - Lifehack: If You Consider Anxiety A Wee Prank On You By Your Brain, At Least You Can Laugh Through The Racing Heart Rate!

Happy Friday, lovelies! You’ve survived another week, you’re nearing the end of another month, and you’d better believe that you look great this morning. What??! You do! You look awesome! I love that shirt you picked for today’s Zoom calls! You’ve got this!


Brian Resnick, “Reality” is constructed by your brain. Here’s what that means, and why it matters. (Vox) - Your brain tells stories, and these stories create personal bias. So this is a reminder that your brain is often a jerk who just wants to screw with you—for fun or for self-preservation!—because once you understand that, it’s easier to sort out the world!

Sigal Samuel, Are we morally obligated to meditate? (Vox) - Now, normally I don’t like to include two article from the same pub, but I found this article while reading the article above. And as someone who recently re-started her daily meditation practice as a way of managing anxiety, I am happy to hear that these daily sessions may lead to greater empathy and compassion. 

Dan Harris, 10% Happier - And if you wanna get into meditation, might I suggest reading this book and downloading the Headspace app and taking their beginners course?

Kirsten Grind and Sebastian Herrera, ‘Crush This Lady.’ Inside eBay’s Bizarre Campaign Against a Blog Critic. (The Wall Street Journal) - On another note, what’s the opposite of mindful compassion? THIS ARTICLE. It. Is. BONKERS. I haven’t finished this piece yet, so I won’t say much, but my goodness the fact that corporate espionage involving sending “a mask of a bloody pig’s head” doesn’t even raise an eyebrow for me shows just how much 2020 has seeped into my brain.

Pagan Kennedy, The Rape Kit’s Secret History (The New York Times) - A woman had to recognize “sexual assault as a crime that could be investigated, rather than as a feminine delusion” or inevitability. She then had to fight to capture and process evidence so we can investigate and prosecute offenders. It was not a given that sexual assaults be given the investigative weight put behind other crimes. Reminder: the energies we put into which laws we enforce are direct reflections of our values, and Marty Goddard forced many to reckon with whether or not we valued victims of sexual assault enough to use the law to bring justice.

I like you! Be kind to each other, and to yourself, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy