Reading List: Millennial Pink Penthouses, and Other End Times Indicators

Good morning, sunshines! There’s SO much to read, so much to learn! So rev up your Sent-To-Kindle bookmarklets, and LET’S DO THIS.

Sapna Maheshwari, A Penthouse Made for Instagram (New York Times) - To all of you who sent this to me, chef’s kiss, y’all know me so very well. This story has everything: money, New York City, insanely expensive real estate, Millennial pink velour couches, social media obsessions, vapid affirmations, and a whiff of the end of empire.

Jess McIntosh, We Need Men to Find Their Voices (Shondaland) - McIntosh delves into how men are discouraged from a young age to empathize with girls and women, and how imperative it is that those good men who’ve never assaulted or demeaned or attacked “Step up for survivors of any gender, and get in this fight.”

Vivian Ho, Whose Glide Is It, Anyway? (San Francisco Magazine) - A fascinating deep dive into the San Francisco cultural and religious institution, the tension between non-profits and the Church, “and a battle not just for Glide’s future, but for its soul.” It’s a gutsy and raw examination of a highly-funded, ultra-powerful holy organization, and Ho doesn’t pull any punches when asking tough questions of a beloved place. And it should be noted that this in-depth piece was published in San Francisco Magazine, which is about to be “gutted, shifted away from news focus,” which is a HUGE loss for local news in the Bay Area, and will likely mean we won’t see pieces like this any more.

Emma Gray, The Enduring, Messy Power Of Rage-Filled Women (HuffPost) - Two new books centered on women’s anger are being published, and I am HERE for Gray’s look at the previous helplessness associated with it, and recent action tied to our collective boiling points.

Alex Campbell, Jason Leopold, Heidi Blake, This Russian Double Agent Is A Lot Less Dead Than He Seemed (BuzzFeed News) - A spy is dead, or is he? Three investigative reporters run down the life and “death” of Alexander Poteyev, who’d been outed “as a traitor who exposed a network of undercover agents, including the glamorous Anna Chapman, before he defected to the US in 2010” and was declared dead by Moscow. But he might now be dead? And may have voted in the 2016 elections in Florida?

Toodles, my poodles. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy