Reading List: Political Grifter Economics 101

Thank you all for the sweet notes yesterday ❤ My day was filled with birthday avocado toast from my colleagues, birthday coffee from Starbucks, and a birthday burrito followed by birthday ice cream sundae dinner from FotM Colin and Kate. I am well-fed, well-loved, and generally content :)

So let’s get to the longreads certified to destroy that sense of well being! Woot!

Rob Schenck, I Was an Anti-Abortion Crusader. Now I Support Roe v. Wade. (New York Times) - While I won’t excuse Mr. Schenck’s previous efforts to attack bodily autonomy in this country, I will give him major credit for finally getting to this line of thinking: “To my former allies who are cheering on the challenges to Roe, I say: Put your money where your mouth is. Devote yourself and your considerable resources to taking care of poor women and their children before you champion laws that hem them into impossible situations…Otherwise, you are violating the Bible you purport to obey.”

Tom Phillips, Hitler Was Incompetent And Lazy—And His Nazi Government Was An Absolute Clown Show (Newsweek) - Next time you think “huh, maybe we’re actually doing ok because this administration is a gong show” just remember that I pointed you to this article, mmmmkay?

Charles Sykes, Did We Learn Anything From Michael Avenatti? (The Bulwark) - No. I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no. And heads up: reading this piece on anti-Trump political grifters won’t be good for your blood pressure.

T.A. Frank, George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying in Russiagate. Now he has a sexy new life in Hollywood. (Washington Post) - And speaking of the grifter political economy, the glamour photos that accompany a profile of the felon who orchestrated the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians make me want to discus-throw my computer into the street. Failing up is a helluva drug.

Rebecca Jennings, Two days with Curvy Wife Guy, the most controversial man in body positivity (Vox) - This story was EVERYWHERE a week ago, and serves as a perfect microcosm of our influencer reality and #woke capitalist system.

You’re all lovely. Get outside this weekend, and be kind to each other, mmmkay?

Xoxo Amy