Reading List: Stop, Smell The Roses, Meditate on How Freaking Awesome Those Roses Smell, Rinse, Repeat.

Good morning, my doves. For me, it’s already been a long December, which I started typing without thinking of the Counting Crows song, and it’s now stuck in my head, and so far this Missive is off to a stellar start, woooooooo!

And an absolutely HUGE congratulations to dear Friend of the Missive and one of my very favorite humans Alex Wilhelm for announcing his return to TechCrunch, which means we are one step closer to a 2020 election podcast with him and Danny Crichton (PRETTY PLEASE!)


Magdalena Puniewska’, Is Savoring the New Mindfulness? (Outside) - I don’t care for the headline, because while it is accurate, it also reduces a thoughtful piece on the importance of appreciation and being present and fully experiencing the good things in your life to two buzzwords. But I LOVED this piece, because it describes times when I am most happy: when I am able to take a mental step back from a situation I am in and take a mental snapshot of a wonderful feeling. When I notice the smell of the air or the warmth of the sun or the sound of the laughter of the person I’m with. When I’m able to detach from my own ego and appreciate the good and kind and delightful.

Peter C. Baker, ‘I Think This Guy Is, Like, Passed Out in His Tesla’ (NYT Magazine) - As if you needed another reason to stress about cars, this is an article about Tesla drivers relying on their Autopilot software while they nap at the wheel. Excuse me while I NOPE NOPE NOPE off into the woods.

Dan P. McAdams, A Theory for Why Trump’s Base Won’t Budge (The Atlantic) - Y’all know I’m obsessed with narcissists and what makes them tick, so this piece on why Trump’s core supporters won’t abandon the flaming orange ship no matter what insanity is revealed is fascinating / soul-crushing.

Kelly Conaboy, Work Should Be Over When It Gets Dark (The Outline) - Look, I’ve been working quite a few super long days over the last couple of months, so I’m really not practicing what I preach, but I absolutely agree with the premise of this delightfully sorta-unhinged piece. THE DARK IS FOR SLEEP. And I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud at this line: “For eons, man has slept when it’s dark. (Please nod.)”

Sorry I’ve been sporadic in your inbox as of late. But know that I’m thinking of you! And please be kind to yourselves.

Xoxo Amy