Reading List: Stream Of Consciousness While I Attempt To Multitask Being A Grown-Up.

Writing this one quickly, as early meetings continue but I miss it when I send these lil emails to y’all! 

And with the Delta variant now being described as “contagious as chicken pox” with an infected person viral load “a thousandfold” larger (NYT), I ordered another box of blue KN95 masks - a San Francisco lady must be festively prepared for mutating pandemics AND fire season, after all <— I am being glib here but am one hundred percent aware of how dystopic and numbly bleak that statement is.

And also, this isn’t a long read, but I also think you should read it: Are You Allowed To Criticize Simone Biles?: A Decision Tree (McSweeney’s


Mike Spies, How the Head of the N.R.A. and His Wife Secretly Shipped Their Elephant Trophies Home (The New Yorker) - The LaPierres are discount bin Disney villains and I dislike everything about them.

EJ Dickson, Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed (Rolling Stone) - Absolutely positively a million percent NSFW subject in an article that I debated including today but I saw this headline in The Best Headline Today Facebook group and I couldn’t not share it with you, especially since the piece also delves into the health dangers that sex workers face as independent contractors and how important safety and consent is for, well, everyone. So pretty please don’t open this whilst presenting your week-end numbers over videoconference, mmmkay? Seriously. And btw, if pressure derived from a consented-to power imbalance sexual relationship (paid for or nah) is what it takes to get people people vaxxed, let’s whip them into shape, shall we? Oh god, I am so sorry, my Mum and Dad read this Missive every morning, what is wrong with me.

Michael Kruse, ‘He’s a Great Guy’: Trump’s Favored Aide Has Troubled Past (POLITICO) - Expect to see far more untested Trumpian candidates with checkered histories entering races around the country. Sigh. 

Apologies for the short list, gotta shower and go cosplay as a professional communicator. Be kind to yourself, please wear your darned masks. TOODLES!

xoxo Amy