Reading List: Tattling Smart Cars, Political Lies, and What TV Says About 'Democracy'

As rain comes down in sheets in Oakland, and my drought-baby dogs refuse to pee, I encourage you to read the following today, as I have to leave early since Bay Area public transit also refuses to process smoothly when water falls from our barren skies.

Humans lie, from big things that get us into wars, to little things like whether my raincoat is actually freaking water-resistant (spoiler: it’s not.) The Conversation examines how journalists can combat evasion and non-truths. BTW, thank you to everyone who sent this perfect illustration of how the press should treat liars.

As if you need another reason to prepare for our inevitable robot overlords: This smart car seems to have tattled on its driver. Auto-911 was dialed after an accident, car sent coordinates to the cops after they couldn’t get in touch with driver, car connected driver to hit and run. Look folks, car computers aren’t the heroes we need, car computers are the heroes we deserve.


And finally, a first-time submission from my colleague Scott, some junior presidential staffers got to have a lot of fun with the softball binge-watching questions that People Magazine lobbed into the fray. Politico observes that I have one more thing in common with Ted Cruz: in addition to city of birth and alma mater, we both like "Criminal Minds" and “Veep.” God help me.

Stay dry, darlings.