Reading List: This Here Tech Dystopia Is Coming Along Swimmingly!

All! I’m running behind this morning, so I’ll dispense with the pleasantries and get you RIGHT TO THE READING! Have a great weekend :)

Caroline O’Donovan and Ken Bensinger, The Cost Of Next-Day Delivery (BuzzFeed) - I’m no saint. Did I have laundry wash bags, toilet paper, vitamin c serum, a bullet journal and no-show socks delivered to me yesterday via Amazon next-day delivery? Yes, yes I did. And then was I absolutely shocked by this Buzzfeed story on how Amazon “Has Brought Chaos And Carnage To America’s Streets”? Yes, yes I was.

Sanam Yar, Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics (The New York Times) - Personally I don’t ascribe to astrology, or tarot. I haven’t taken psychedelics, I don’t have a shaman, and I do not own crystals. But do I think it’s awesome that therapists are making an effort to better understand how these personal “self-care” explorations help and/or hinder their patients? Yes, in the same way I appreciate that my therapist has started using stoicism as an approach to tackling my anxiety because he understands that I like to intellectualize and overthink my mental health. I respect that therapists are trying to meet their patients where they are. Which is, sometimes, in Retrograde.

Nitasha Tiku, WIRED Book of the Month: Super Pumped by Mike Isaac (WIRED) - Yes, of course I am reading Mike Isaac’s book on Uber and think you should too, though you should be aware that I can only read it in chunks because Isaac’s prose capturing the tech bro culture of 2010 sure is triggering some of my bad start-up memories. But I also think you must read Tiku’s take on the book itself. As I’ve fangirled over in the past, she’s one of our great chroniclers of tech culture, and her own years of experience in this here start-up insanity greatly enhances her review. Also, I love her writing. Just read her already.

You’re great! Be kind to each other, and here (again) is one of my favorite gifs:

xoxo Amy