Reading List: Trolls, Sticky Narratives, and Outdoor Clothing vs. The World.

Good morning, my poppets! It’s raining again here in the Bay Area, and I’m heading down to a writers workshop at Esalen in Big Sur. So yea, in case you were wondering whether I was still your favorite left coast stereotype, yes, I resemble that remark.

But don’t worry, there’s lots for you to chew on over the next few days. TO THE INTERNET!

Madeleine Albright wrote a book entitled Fascism: A Warning, describing how Hitler and Mussolini came to power. Speaking of indulgent college theses, I wrote mine partly on how in the works of thinkers and historians reflect their current cultural context and uh having this book exist is not helping my anxiety, nope nope nope.

For your morning reminder on how unshakeable media narratives can influence both public opinion and law enforcement: Everyone Got The Pulse Massacre Story Completely Wrong. In the piece, Melissa Jeltson details “the sadistic prosecution of [Pulse nightclub shooter's wife] Noor Salman.” Everything about it is awful. (H/T my Mum)

Also from HuffPost, Luke O’Brien reveals that Trump’s Most Influential White Nationalist Troll Is A Middlebury Grad Who Lives In Manhattan BECAUSE OF COURSE IT’S LIKE THE WORST SENIOR THESIS PERFORMANCE ART PROJECT OF ALL TIME sob.

The fired co-CEO of cult skincare brand Deciem spoke with ELLE and dare I say that Nicola Kilner was probs the glue holding that ship together (ships are glued, right?) In contrast to the founder’s explosive antics (“The 39-year-old Toronto native had a penchant for yelling, both in times of anger and in great excitement. He also had a habit of terminating employees on a moment’s notice,”) Kilner kept her head down and took care of her employees. From ELLE: “Kilner was content to toil patiently and deferentially in the background,” which of course seems like a common work narrative for many ladies I know. The whole thing is gross, which is too bad because Deciem’s stuff is really, really good and well-priced and currently on my face.

And finally, this Patagonia vs. Donald Trump piece in GQ by Rosecrans Baldwin is fucking fabulous.

You’re all fantastic. Have a warm and restful weekend, and be kind to each other.