Reading List: We're All Trumped

No, I’m not having a fever dream: after the win in Nevada, it seems as if everyone in media and politics has finally emerged from their smug-induced hangovers, staring blinkingly into the harsh rays of an eventual Donald Trump nomination.

This is not a drill, folks. We are thisclose to having a sexist hatemonger who would shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood as the GOP nominee for President of the United States of America. So let’s take a look at some headlines over the past little while, shall we?

GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump Washington Post EDITORIAL BOARD, yes the freaking ed board printed that headline
Can Donald Trump be stopped? The Washington Post
Sabermetrics pioneer: There aren’t enough 'morons' to elect Trump (Politico, ht my Dad)
America, you’re stupid: Donald Trump’s political triumph makes it official — we’re a nation of idiots (Slate)
Think Hillary Clinton Will Crush Donald Trump in the General Election? Don’t Be So Sure. (more Slate)
The Obama Theory of Trump by David Axelrod New York Times, opinion page
Would You Have Sex With Donald Trump If He Dropped Out of the Race Immediately Afterwards? Jezebel
The GOP will change its tune on Donald Trump. Just wait. (The Week)
How the Republican noise machine created Donald Trump (Again, The Week)
The Day Donald Trump Became the Establishment Candidate (Time)
Donald Trump could get an effectively insurmountable delegate lead in just 21 days (Vox)
Republican elite are shifting their thinking on Donald Trump: 'You know, this could happen’ (Los Angeles Times)
Republicans’ Last-Ditch Hope To Stop Donald Trump (FiveThirtyEight)

And worldwide...

America's Agitator: Donald Trump Is the World's Most Dangerous Man Der Spiegel
How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable (Rolling Stone)
Ted Cruz: 'Who knows what the heck Donald Trump would do as president?’ The Guardian
Time to fire him: Donald Trump is unfit to lead a great political party (The Economist)

We are past jokes, past trolling, past snark and smarm. This is real life, and it’s terrifying.