Reading List: [Witty Alliteration and Self-Deprecation Here]

Hi beautiful people, here’s some reading to get you into your weekend.

An investment firm in California that "provides loans to startup employees in exchange for some of their equity” just raised a $200 million round. No way this goes south when valuations implode and we’re roasting unicorn meat over flaming artisanal oil drums in the streets. Nope, no way.

I can't even: Donald Trump Snubs Vaping Congressman​.

Today in awkward side-by-side tweets:

The New York Times data visualization team created a compilation of every person, thing or place that Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter. Our next president, folks.

Russia should get a gold medal in systemic blood-doping scandals, am I right?

Started to search "what is the capital..." and got this result:

From NPR: Captain America, Aaron Burr, And The Politics Of Killing Your Friends

And now that I’ve binge-listened to the entirety of the Hamilton soundtrack, at times sobbing as I was driving home (SO GOOD,) here’s why Hamilton matters. Hint: THERE ARE SIMILARITIES TO RIGHT NOW.

The Hunt for Poland’s Buried Nazi Gold. Just read it.

And this takes us back, but I just re-read Dominick Dunne’s O.J. Simpson: Life After the Murder Trial from 1995 after finishing Ryan Murphy’s excellent mini-series. There’s a reason why Dunne's work remains the best true crime writing out there I adore you folks, and I'm so grateful to spend a few minutes with you every morning. Have a great weekend.