Reading List(ish): You Survived January 2020! Congrats!

Sweethearts! Happy February! Apologies for being MIA, I had 6 A.M. meetings on Thursday and Friday and while I tried my best to carve out an hour for Missive-related shenanigans, my efforts were for naught. So here’s a Monday Reading List(ish) for your content consuming pleasure. 

Have a great week!

Claire McNeill, Former Florida white nationalist reckons with his past, America’s present (Tampa Bay Times) - We all need reminders that a change in administration does not magically eliminate the roiling racism and hate in the U.S. that lead to an insurrection at the Capitol, as is evidenced by this man’s past. And the piece asks a societal life-or-death question for 2021: “What does a nation do with scores of citizens who’ve absorbed and spread racist conspiracies and lies?”

William Saletan, The Enemy Isn’t Republicans. It’s Liars. (Slate) - Now I know there are some of my more liberal readers who will see that headline and instantly write it off, but if that was your immediate reaction, I encourage you to click through and read the piece. Do I perhaps believe there is more Trump-related rot in the GOP that Saletan admits? Yes. But do I agree with his charge that we engage in good faith with those on the right who believe in truth, believe in history and facts and critical thinking? Yes, one hundred times yes. Because, as he so eloquently wraps up, “If you believe in settling disputes by consulting evidence, I’m on your team.” 

Cindi Leive, Doug Emhoff and the Second Gentleman Effect (The New York Times) - For executive women who’ve struggled to find equitable support from their partners that resembles the support their male colleagues get from their wives/girlfriends, much of this op-ed resonates (as Liz Plank is quoted “It’s just as important for (men) to see men in support positions as it is for girls to see women in leading positions”.)

Joe Eskenazi, The San Francisco School District’s renaming debacle has been a historic travesty (Mission Local) - I love my adopted city so much, and I’ve fully relaxed into the challenges of Left Coast living. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 12 years, and will often or argue against accusations of SF-dwellers being snowflakes who focus on the wrong political battles and can’t take care of our own backyard. And then I read articles like this and shake my head, especially considering that policy should never be determined by Wikipedia alone. OY.

Be kind to each other!

xoxo Amy