Reflections On The Nuanced Impact Of "Girl Power" On My Political And Philosophical Growth As A Young Woman, In This Dissertation Defense I Will...

Short one today! Taking possession of my new apartment tomorrow and am currently starting at a stack of boxes and questioning my shopping/life choices.

But first, this is my mantra for today:

To the internet!

  • So, I didn’t know this: “San Francisco is about 48 percent white, but that falls to 15 percent for children enrolled in its public schools.” I mean, I knew it was 48 percent white, but my goodness that public school rate is upsetting. The quote comes from a piece that Dad of the Missive just sent by Ezra Klein entitled California Is Making Liberals Squirm (The New York Times). This piece is brutal… but frankly, a must read for my fellow Californians who espouse progressivism philosophically, but then support policy on the ballot or via donation that benefits them personally and counters those very ideals (looking at you, NIMBYs). Because this quote hits close to home: “… the symbols of progressivism are often preferred to the sacrifices and risks those ideals demand.” 

  • Joss Whedon is problematic AF, part infinity: Charisma Carpenter Alleges Joss Whedon ‘Abused His Power’ on ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’: ‘Joss Was the Vampire’ (Variety) And if you are a massive Buffy stan as I am who had that show contribute to her toxic young early-aughts Maxim feminism (girls can kick butt, but only if thin/pretty/rich/white/“one of the boys”/willing to be objectified/cool with it!), it is notable that other female members of the cast are speaking out to support her

  • I was today-years-old when I discovered that there is such a thing as an “influencer training academy” and that (quelle surprise!) some of them do not write their own material: An Influencer Is Calling Out A Popular Training Academy For Using Her Work “Word For Word” Without Credit (BuzzFeed News)

Deep breaths. Drink water. Wear a mask. And be kind to yourself, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy