Reindeer Breeding, Icky Elderly Stories, the All-Mighty Shipping Lobby

This morning, instead of writing the Missive like I should have been be, I explored my 23andMe results.

And 23andMe thinks, in addition to my entirely British/Northern European background, that hundreds of years ago, I had one distant relative who was 100% Yakut, a semi-nomadic, Turkic-speaking, reindeer-breeding Siberian tribe. So yes, I was bred for the cold, and will continue to moan about temperatures above 60 degrees here in the Bay Area.

In other news, Trump is finally lifting the Jones Act to allow foreign ships to help in Puerto Rico relief efforts, after delaying action because of… the shipping industry? Meanwhile, 44 percent of Puerto Ricans lack potable water.

Crazy headline of eternity: “Lindsey Graham On Obamacare Repeal: I Had No Idea What I Was Doing” <— note the lack of quotation marks in the headline, I don’t think Graham actually said “I had no idea what I was doing.”

Hugh Hefner passed away. And while he and Playboy had an undeniable impact on our culture, and Playboy published short stories and reporting from some of the greatest writers in the last century, let’s not forget that this was a man who had a rotating team of “girlfriends” half a century younger than him who alleged troubling behavior involving quaaludes, married a woman SIX DECADES his junior who will “inherit nothing” after not being added to his will, and that he “went deaf from too much Viagra, but said he'd rather have sex than have his hearing,”amongst other stories.

And as a brain palate cleanser to the crap above, Denali National Park has a SLED PUPPY CAM and one of the pups is named Lugnut and I am DYING HERE.

Be kind, my loves!