"Resting Cat Face," and Other Sub-Heads I Really Needed This Morning

My dearests! It’s Tuesday, it’s rainy in San Francisco, but there’s a bunch of crazy on the internet to keep us warm. So let’s do this!

  • I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, but I have legally changed my stated religion to worshipping the world-alerting electric chemistry that crackled between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper during their performance of ‘Shallow.’ And yes, if you were wondering, I am ruined for romance forever and ever amen, thankyouverymuch.

  • Oh hey, those seat-back screens in Premium Economy on United and Delta actually have wee cameras in them (h/t Andrew). And what are these supposedly non-functional cameras there to do? The airlines said they just came packaged with the entertainment units, shrug emoji, nothing to see here. But is it a security risk? YEP, PROBABLY, like everything else in our sad modern existence.

  • If you don’t want to know just how awful humanity is in the digital age, maybe just click this next link and close your email now: Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths (perfect sub-head: “It’s just “resting cat face.””) Have you ever looked at a cat with one hundred percent certainty that that feline doesn’t actually love you, and might trip you down the stairs just to see your terror and then feast on your face for the next week or so? No? Just me? Mmmkay.

  • And this is the awful stuff: Casey Newton at The Verge published a harrowing expose on low-paid Facebook content moderator contractors and how having to closely watch the worst that humanity can upload to a browser over and over again without real support can basically break a human psyche in two. And unrelated but important to mention, recently Facebook was still allowing advertisers to target users interested in Nazis and topics like “Joseph Goebbels,” “Josef Mengele,” “Heinrich Himmler,” the neo-nazi punk band Skrewdriver and Benito Mussolini’s long-defunct National Fascist Party.” This timeline is the worst.

  • So you think 2018 was bad? (It was) Well, Quartz is an awful year hipster, claiming that actually, 536 was the worst year on record. I don’t know why I needed to know that, but I did. And now I do.

Y’all are lovely, and I adore you. Be kind to each other, ok?

Xoxo Amy