RGB Would Never Have Let the Oscars SNAFU Occur.

My entire life, I’ve wondered what would happen if a presenter read the wrong name at the Oscars. Now, thanks to an insane envelope mix-up heard round the world, we know what that looks like.

For those who don’t watch fancy award shows like sporting events, Sunday's Oscar’s was a match between the nostalgic musical golden age throwback “La La Land” and the gripping tale of a gay African-American man coming to terms with his masculinity. Or at least that’s what the internet is telling me, as I have seen neither of said films.

But since work has been crazy, I missed the "HMS Hot Take” yesterday on this river cruise. So I instead direct you to "Why It's Important to Recognize That "Moonlight" Was Robbed Of Its Moment” in Cosmopolitan, which somehow captures both the historical significance of the win and how is freaking sucks that we’re talking about the mix up, not the movie that won.

And since work is crazy today, I also direct you to I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout. It Nearly Broke Me because YOU KNOW RGB DOES NOT MESS AROUND and would not have let this mix-up occur.

And to remind us that we should not be surprised that "Ginsburg’s personal trainer, it turns out, is no joke.”

Hail RGB, my friends.