Rideshare Espionage, Some Light Treason, and Podcasts to Save Your Soul.

Dearests, how I’ve missed you. I was sitting this morning watching the fog roll by, reminded how much of a privilege it is to get to visit you in your inbox most mornings. Thank you for letting me in to your digital routine. But enough of the mushy shit, the sky is falling and there is stuff to read on the internet!

If you read one thing today, let it be Julia Ioffe’s encounters with a (maybe?) spy rideshare driver while covering the Aspen Security Forum, and how the resulting conversation with espionage experts did nothing to dispel her suspicions.

Related: today, in things those of us who volunteered for the Hillary campaign have been sadly nodding our head to for nearly two years: Without the Russians, Trump wouldn’t have won. And if you “But Her Emails…” me, I will send a pack of very tiny wolves after you. I HAVE THAT POWER, YOU KNOW.

If you need something warm and lovely in your life - if you say you don’t, can we chat about why you’re lying to me? because you really don’t need to - the McElroy Brothers of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame have joined their Dad Clint and illustrator Carey Pietsch (Lumberjanes) to release a graphic novel take on their ultra-popular D&D podcast The Adventure Zone. I love those good good boys so very much, so had to purchase the comic nearly the moment it was released, but when I opened the Amazon box with glee, I shortly realized I should probably listen to the podcast first. I’m happy to report that despite me having absolutely no experience with fantasy role-playing games whatsoever, IN THE SLIGHTEST, it’s a lovely, funny and kind storytelling romp. So if you’re interested in joining in and listening, I’m on episode four. Of sixty-nine (nice.) So it’s gonna be awhile before I actually read the darned thing.

And finally, an oldie but a goody from McSweeney’s, cuz y’all need some good ol’ typography humor this morning: I’M COMIC SANS, ASSHOLE.

You’re great. Be kind to each other.