Ruh roh: “Your words have consequences. Imagine!”

Poppets! It’s Thursday, I have coffee, and the sunrise over the south Van Ness apartment buildings imbues the 6:30 a.m. sky with a nearly perfect millennial pink. And you know that old nautical saying: "millennial pink sky in the morning... baby boomer's warning?" Don't worry, I'll workshop it.

Speaking of IRL things that bring me great joy, do you like yoga and live in the Bay Area? My teacher Danni Pomplun’s annual charity yoga class/event raising $$$ for SF’s homeless youth is on Saturday, September 28th, and I’d love to see you there! It’s an incredible couple of hours of yoga where Danni is joined by local yoga leaders Stephanie Snyder, Peter Walters and Julianne Aiello in teaching an awesome flow class filled with live music, laughter and goodness. I’ve been practicing with Danni for nearly five years now, and I absolutely adore his personality, style, and genuinely great heart. Buy your tickets now and come get sweaty for a good cause!

To the internet!

  • Friends, i just learned that there’s a term for the musical snobbery I was put on this earth to combat in any and all dinner party I attend: Rockism! And it turns out that as a defender of pop music, I am in fact a poptimist! From Wikipedia: “Rockism is the belief that rock music holds intrinsic values, such as the concern for authenticity and artfulness, that elevate the genre over other forms of popular music.” Now don’t question me, and go put some CRJ on loop, mmmkay?

  • Are you wondering what the heck is up with this Facebook oversight board? Let a St. John’s Law prof explain parts of it to you!

  • Here’s a startling idea: that tasteless, racist comedy is just tasteless, racist comedy, not some form of boundary-pushing artistic expression that must coddled and protected and given a job on SNL like an adorably-mewling kitten. Love this piece by comedian Maeve Higgins, with this quote: “When anyone disagrees with something a comic says, or there are repercussions for their behavior, the comic too often seems genuinely shocked. Your words have consequences. Imagine!

I like you all so very much. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy