Sassy Ladies, Sassy Moose, Sassy DNA Data Breaches

DARLINGS! Now that I’ve fully recovered from the Odd Salon MYSTERY evening that I curated, I’ve finally re-set my alarm for 5:15 AM so that I can drink my coffee and chat with you, dear readers. And if you weren’t able to make it out to San Francisco on Tuesday because you are, say, in Canada, Odd Salon fellow John Adams was kind enough to get the video up super fast. So head on over to the Odd Salon YouTube page to watch the video—and subscribe!—and play the new watching game I just made up: imbibe a liquid whenever I use the F word, light up some legal cannabis whenever Canada is mentioned, and stand up and filibuster at your boss if you predict the Ted Cruz joke before the audience does. And while you’re at it, why don’t you think about becoming an Odd Salon member? It’s easy as all heck AND you get a badass lapel pin.


In case you were wondering about Gritty’s political leanings:

I read somewhere that seeing Ayn Rand as a favorite author on a dating profile should always serve a a massive, neon, sparkly, non-union made red flag. It seems Denise Cummins at PBS would agree with me, especially as she examines ways the philosophical premise of Rand’s books massively fail in reality: “Economists alternately find alarming and amusing a large body of results from experimental studies showing that people don’t behave according to the tenets of rational choice theory. We are far more cooperative and willing to trust than is predicted by the theory, and we retaliate vehemently when others behave selfishly. In fact, we are willing to pay a penalty for an opportunity to punish people who appear to be breaking implicit rules of fairness in economic transactions.”

I hope it’s worth being reassured by a DNA testing company that, yes, mosquitoes like to eat me more than other humans, cuz there may be folks around the world who now have the DNA I happily handed over.

Every boss should have to read Kara Swisher talking about bosses she’s worked for, especially for her kicker, “I’m more interested in my work than anybody else’s work. It might sound rude or crazy, but I just think I’m better. And women aren’t supposed to say that. Historically, a lot of women have had to help the men in charge. They were always No. 2. I want to be No. 1.” (emphasis added.)

Today, in headlines I really needed to read: This New Feminist Antifa Group Is Taking on the Far-Right.

And finally, sometimes you just need to spend an hour browsing the finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Toodles, my loves! Be kind to each other.