Sea Shanties Are Cool, But Have You Ever Rocked Out To Gregorian Chants?

Darlings! Did you drink enough water yesterday? Are you sleeping ok? Have you been able to get out and go for walks if you are able? As I said to younger colleagues on a call yesterday, yes I will Mother Hen you to the moon and back and no, there’s no way I will stop. Yesterday, a friend encouraged me to take the Enneagram personality test and turns out I’m a Helper with Enthusiast close behind (2 and 7, for you self-help nerds out there) and I’ve never felt so seen / might become one of those people who puts their personality type in their online dating profile. So that means endless virtual hugs to you, dear readers, with exclamation marks. Take care of yourselves, please!

Also, it’s Mum of the Missive’s birthday today, so everyone please send your best wishes to Captain Yoda Hobbit herself, the OG honey badger badass boss b!tch Barb Widdowson! Love you, Mummy. 


You’re lovely. Take care of yourself, wear a KN95 mask or similar, and be kind to each other. 

xoxo Amy