Self Care is the New Black

’Tis a quick one today, my darlings, and it is specifically politics-light, since I feel like we've woken up in an ill-crafted Playwriting 101 final project.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me, so between travel, long hours at work and moving to a new place in Oakland, my habits and daily schedule have been off-kilter. Which is why I always enjoy reminders of the importance of tech-free recovery, of giving yourself enough time and space to rest, and that, as the old saying goes, if you work hard, you must indeed sleep a metric fuck ton to balance it.

And if you need a reminder of just how biological insignificant you are, check out this photo of an iceberg flipped upside down, exposing centuries of glassy dark ice that sees into your soul and reminds you to put your phone down and go to sleep, darn it.

And finally, the sound of Seth Rogan hanging out with puppies in hot dog costumes is my new Relax MP mix.

Yours in naps,