Send Your Best Tips For Dry Skin, Let's Turn This Missive Into A Beauty Blog (J/K, But Also Please Send Tips)

Poppets! ’Tis the start of another week, as we edge ever closer to closing out this deity-forsaken year. I spent the weekend in my cozy quarantine hideaway, doing online yoga classes and watching the Fargo TV show. I know I am soooooo late to the game on that one, but my goodness is is an amazing show, despite the creeping anxiety I had about the cold and empty setting, which was explained when I discovered that representing the barren, snowy vistas of Minnesota… is my hometown of Calgary, where it was filmed. Yup. That tracks.

Let’s get to that there internet, shall we?

  • Matt Novak tweeted about the Gizmodo article he wrote on January 17th about a “deadly mystery virus” spreading, with 41 positive tests, and no confirmation of person-to-person spread. That was less than a year ago. It’s spooky to read now. 

  • That devastating tweet storm I shared last week on the multicultural ER team encountering a COVID patient covered in Nazi tattoos? It became an op-ed in The Washington Post… and is still just as devastating, especially when you know that the author—who is Jewish—continued to put his life at risk despite the patient’s SS markings. If you have ER doctor friends, send them love today (Haley, you’re magnificent.)

  • The Arizona State Legislature has been shut down because lawmakers were exposed to COVID-19… by Rudy Giuliani. Sigh. 

  • Reportedly president-elect Biden has picked Rochelle Walensky, the chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, as the head of the Centers for Disease Control. 

  • Meanwhile, the Australian state of Victoria has not seen an active case of COVID in four weeks, because they took the damned virus seriously and, you know, DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • In other news, it’s getting chilly and back in 2016 journo Karen K. Ho wrote out tips on how to warm up your wardrobe for less - excuse me while I express ship allllllll of the sweaters. 

You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other, and wear your masks s’il vous plaît!

xoxo Amy