Separation of Powers: It's Like Those Founding Fathers Were On To Something.

Dearests, it is a happy Friday indeed, because in addition to California receiving lots of rain in the past week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrated what happens when the executive branch attempts to ban a group of immigrants of a certain religion from entering the US. Spoiler: THEY DON'T LIKE IT.

Haven't been following? As I've mentioned many times, I am not a lawyer, BUT I am friends with some pretty badass ones. So if you haven't had your coffee and you need a wee refresher of what happened, please see below what LA-based attorney Lacey Rainwater posted on Facebook yesterday (shared with permission:)

"In case you’re confused AF about the status of the travel ban, aka the Muslim ban, here’s a quick summary: Trump signed an executive order that basically said, “Go away, Muslims! (Unless I do business in your country, then you aight to come to ‘Merica.)” Two states (WA + MN) were like “OH NO YOU DI’NT” and asked a federal trial court (the lowest level court) to put the executive order on hold for a hot sec until the courts can take a closer look at whether it’s legit. The trial court was like “MKAY” to WA + MN and ruled, “Muslim peeps, you aight, come on in for now until we sort this mess out.” Trump was all like “Fear mongering! Arg! Stomp stomp stomp!” and asked a federal appellate court (the 9th Circuit, the middle level court) to enact the ban right meow. The 9th Circuit was like “Simmer down Drumpf, the ban can wait a minute.” Now, Trump will probably storm to the Supreme Court (the mother of all courts), who will likely say, “CALM YO’SELF CHEETO.” If that happens, the ban will stay on hold until the courts can take a closer look at whether it’s constitutional. The end.”

I admire and appreciate any attorney who can distill a complicated legal matter down to internet speak. And as my Mum - another badass lady attorney, have I mentioned? ;) - and I discussed via text yesterday:

A note to anyone (myself included) who is celebrating this win right now: do not get over confident, do not stop any excellent work you're doing, and do not gloat or brag. As Gizmodo investigations writer Ashley Feinberg wrote on Twitter yesterday, "we should all enjoy this good thing as much as we can because 1000 bad ones are about to follow."

Try and listen to those who agree with the ban. If you have friends or family who are concerned about the country's safety if "we let just anyone in," calmly explain to them that the ban impacted many who'd already been thoroughly vetted. And how we as a country don't discriminate based on religion, which is what the case was concerned about. And direct them to Vox's explainer about the whole thing, because as I've mentioned, THIS IS WHAT VOX WAS MADE FOR.

And then, revel in this expert trolling from the woman I miss so so so so so so very much:

Toodles, darlings :) Have a great weekend.