Shake Those Tushes: 2019 is Here!

My loves! Happiest of New Years, I’m delighted to see you once more. I hope you had a restful holiday, filled with the festive carbs of whichever holiday you celebrate while sleeping twelve hours at a time at your parents’ home, with minimal discussions of our current political realties. I consider any variation of that an absolute success.

And hey! A lot happened over the holidays, but I ignored most of it! So here’s a wee selection of pieces I filed to Instapaper over the break.

If you spent part of your holidays wondering why every movie in the world looks like a telenova on your family’s huge TV screen, you’re not crazy. And it’s such a real issue that Tom Cruise did a PSA on how to turn the motion smoothing functionality off of your TV.

Over the break, New York Magazine asks and answers a question those of us who used to work in ad tech sometimes pondered: How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

“The Goods” at Vox opens their piece on post-recession style reminiscing on the sartorial snafus of my high school and college years, specifically rhinestones on low-rise jeans. In the piece, they discuss how the post-recession antipathy towards outwardly visual luxury led to the landlord-white minimalism and painted brick world we’re currently inhabiting. It compares lifestyle brands like my personal faves Warby Parker and Everlane to the “streamlining” of 1920s/30s industrial design. This is totally my kind of thinkpiece. And I regret to report that I saw two pairs of flared jeans with embellished rhinestones on the tush whilst on Muni this past week, another indication that we’re re-living history, one hipbone-baring pair of trousers at a time.

And speaking of the early aughts, I guess we can all blame television producer Mark Burnett for Trump.

That’s it, that’s all my darlings. Be kind to each other, be kind to yourself, and take 2019 by storm!

Xoxo Amy