Shark Fashion Week and Other Events I Forgot to RSVP to.

Today’s the New York primary, which means I’ll be avoiding Facebook for the remainder of waking hours. So don't post any cute dog pics until I return, mmmkay?

While their boss can say anything at all and face zero consequences, Trump staffers are facing blacklisting by the GOP mainstream and consultants are questioned on their relationship with the campaign. Not that it matters, according to some. Katie Packer, who runs an anti-Trump super PAC, said "I don’t know that he’s hired people who had much of a future in the Republican Party anyway.” Sick burn, Katie, sick burn.

SCOTUS declined to decide whether or not the Google Book project violates copyright law. By not hearing it, they upheld a federal ruling stating that the scanning and digitizing millions of books for searchability and snippet reading was “fair use." And my Odd Salon research continues apace.

Obama’s White House has been overtly vocal about a few recent cases in front of the Federal Communications Commission, and some are now questioning the FCC’s independence.

Performer Pat Boone is pissed at SNL for mocking God in a skit and calling him a “boob man.” While Boone admits that "God has a sense of humor. Why else would he invent the porcupine and the giraffe?,” he feels the variety show has “take[en] Satan’s side."

Gossipcasts are sending the world of YouTube celebrity into an existential tizzy, with gossipers getting blasted by the high-profile gossipees, and everyone's throwing up Chrysler Pacifica ads in pre-roll and making mad bank.

And finally, there are now JAWS-themed Sperry topsiders. Take my money.