Since All Of The Good Ideas Are Taken, All I Want To Do Is Add Goats To All The Things, OK?

Sweethearts! The sun is rising on the west coast, my coffee is half consumed, and it’s a long weekend in the US this weekend, so I am ready to kick today in the teeth. Who’s with me?!?!

GAAS (Goats-as-a-service) may be one of the greatest landscaping concepts of the 21st century. Especially when it leads to headlines like “Riverside Park Welcomes 25 Goats For 'Goatham City' Project.” NYC readers: if you happen to be near this park, and happen to take some goatarazzi photos (doesn’t work as well as PUParazzi, but I’m standing by it,) let me remind you that this was the look on my face when I met goats in Hawaii. All I’m saying it SEND ME YR GOAT PIX.

And in other animal news, THIS headline made me grin: Vacationers Find Alligator Lounging on Alligator Pool Float at Their Miami Airbnb. (H/t Shane)

Hey, are you in one of the American states in which cannabis is legal for recreation use? Have you partaken in said magical herb as of late? Have you done anything to help those incarcerated for said weed? Because a brief reminder that in year of our spaghetti monster 2019, we’re still reading about this: A 69-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Was Arrested at Disney World for Carrying CBD Oil, which is a particularly hard headline to swallow when you’re looking at the vape pen on your bedside table that helps you sleep every night. (btw, if you’re looking for a way to help those impacted in legal states, think about contributing to organizations like Code For America who are building automated tools to clear the records of those with cannabis-related convictions in states where cannabis is legal for recreational use.)

TBH, fame sounds not-so-great: Why Celebrities Are So Susceptible to Grifters. Come for the Rasputin opener, stay for why celebrities seems to consistently get duped by charlatans.

And finally, this is a wee bit risqué (forgive me, readers,) but I just couldn’t stop laughing at this McSweeney’s piece especially in the lead up to my 35th birthday: Yeah Sex Is Cool, But Have You Tried Being A Woman In Your 30s? (Choice quote: “Sex can definitely be satisfying, but is it as consistently satisfying as setting up a monthly donation to the ACLU so they can bring lawsuits against states attempting to limit reproductive freedom?”)

You’re cool. Be kind to each other, mmmkay?
Xoxo Amy