Some day, I'll get good at writing subject lines for newsletters. But not today.

Good morning my loves! As the Mueller investigation supposedly winds down, and we all collectively gird our loins in anticipation of its findings, forty-four former US senators wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which they call on current senators to step up and defend our democracy. Which is a totally normal thing that happens in totally normal times, because it’s totally normal to need to breath into a paper bag whenever one opens up the interwebs.

I hate to make this earth-shaking call with so many journalist friends of the Missive, but I think everyone can back up and go home, because the greatest article in the history of journalism has been written: The Turd Test: Canada studied poop to figure out how much pot people use by Max Cherney. This story has everything you’ve come to expect from pieces shared in this newsletter: Canada, cannabis, poop puns, government agencies, and an absolutely insane header image:

Back when Snapchat was first a thing, I shocked a friend who swore it was secure, that since photos were deleted within a few seconds, it was a great way to share photos you didn’t want spread all over the internet. So when they sent me a Snapchat photo of a plant in their office, I promptly took a screenshot of that image and sent it to them over text message. Fast forward to 2018, and yes, as The Parallax points out, you can screenshot messages in Gmail’s Confidential Mode. Remember friends, as I tell my clients: don’t put anything on the internet unless you’re OK with screaming it in your Aunt’s face at a family cocktail party. Lucky for me, my lovely aunts subscribe to this newsletter, so we’re all good on the screaming in their face in public front (Hi Kacky and Louise!)

And finally, despite being Canadian, I’d never heard of Canadian sitcom Letterkenny, a reality that will surely prompt a few emails from my Canadian readers. So I’d never seen this glorious clip of Canadian dudes arguing over how to cook good ol’ ‘Berta beef (H/t friend of the Missive Schuyler.) And yes, in case you were wondering: yes, S&P’s the choice for me.

Be kind to each other, eh?
xoxo Amy