Someone Give Cuomo's Dog A Podcast Already.

Good morning, lovely humans! As this month of August begins to wind down, and we all frantically email out that the FDA has formally approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine to any hesitant human we may encounter, don’t forget to book that PTO because you deserve a break (and toss your phone into the sea when you take it - or, you know, at least delete Outlook), schedule a lunch break in your day, and remember that you are more than your job - you deserve hobbies and sleep and breaks for your brain. You’ve got this.


  • This year, and especially this summer, we’ve all encountered this uniquely 2021 strain on personal relationships: “Figuring out how to still hang out together, though, is the easy part. What’s harder is confronting a rift in values that has been suddenly, glaringly exposed.” ‘When your friend group has that one person who won’t get vaccinated’ (The Washington Post)

  • Hearing that former governor Andrew Cuomo (allegedly) left his dog at the governor’s mansion made me scream: ‘A Bad Last Day for New York’s Dog of a Governor—and His Dog’ (The Daily Beast) And since I’ve recently done a bunch of research on dog breeds (related to what I share below) the fact that Cuomo got a dog mix of German Shepherd, Husky and Malamute (if you don’t get why, look up howling huskies and how much you need to exercise a GSD) and then ignored it as it misbehaved and shoved it off on staffers is, as Molly Jong-Fast writes, way too on the hecking nose for him. 

  • So considering that, as of October 1, I’m welcoming a new furry friend into my home, I promise that I will not leave my dog anywhere if I quit my job for being handsy and abusing my power (while blaming it on… being Canadian? This bad joke has limits, what can I say). But yea, this piece from June is basically bookmarked to my browser now: ‘Pet Startups Are Having a Field Day’ (WIRED) I am taking pet parent tips. Have at thee.

  • I binged the first three episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu so I don’t really care if some think it’s written like “someone dropped a dictionary into the garbage disposal and just used whatever survived the mechanical gnawing” - like the author of this piece observes, the show is my kind of trash and I cannot wait to watch the next wellness cult weird accent episode again. ‘Was “Nine Perfect Strangers” Written By An Algorithm?’ (BuzzFeed News)

  • And finally, this headline made me LOL for a solid minute and I had to share it with you: Attack of the giant rodents or class war? Argentina’s rich riled by new neighbors (The Guardian

You’re all swell! Get outside if you can, fill that water bottle before you sit down to work, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself, ok?

xoxo Amy