Sometimes You Just Gotta Ask: WWaSLD? (What Would A Sea Lion Do?)

Poppets! My weekend consisted of yoga and working and cleaning and baking and reading and going to a Korean-style spa where I had all of the upper layers of my skin scrubbed off. ’Twas an efficient couple of days.

But let’s get to them thar internets, because this week is already promising to be a doozy.

Today in coolcoolcoolcoolcool: Apple made Siri deflect questions on feminism, leaked papers reveal.

Per usual, read Tony Room if you want to understand something related to regulation and the tech industry: Facebook, Google face off against a formidable new foe: State attorneys general. And you SHOULD want to understand it, because as Tony references, when state attorneys general go after big industries (tobacco, opioid makers, etc) industries change. Hard.

This whole MIT Media Lab taking money from Jeffrey Epstein and trying to obfuscate it is just gross and awful, as Ronan Farrow’s bombshell article in the New Yorkerreveals. But just as gross has been the circling of wagons around those who accepted the money, which Kara Swisher calls out in her excellent NYT piece He Who Must Not Be Tolerated.

A reminder that history is an ever-changing story told by humans, and that telling narratives that upend closely-held stories can be very, very uncomfortable for those who hew closely to those old tales, no matter how incomplete: As plantations talk more honestly about slavery, some visitors are pushing back.

And finally, I hope you’ll all read the greatest piece of journalism I have ever encountered: An Ode to 30 Years of Pier 39's Sea Lions (editor’s note: you haven’t lived until you’ve grabbed In-N-Out at 9 pm after wine tasting all day and ambled over to sing along with these “vociferous, sometimes cantankerous” puppies of the sea. Haley, reminder that that’s a story to tell your daughter one day…)

May we all channel our inner sea lion whilst tackling our days today! Arf arf arf!

Xoxo Amy