Soundtracks For Personal Journeys, and Other Ways Humanity Redeems Itself

Why, hello! So last night, I texted a friend: “It’s 25 degrees here and I walked out of temple and the sun is setting and everything is twilight blue and smells like blooming jasmine and sea salt and I’m so comforted by it and overwhelmed with love for this stupid town.” But what brought on my delicate and scent-sensitive state last night? I’d like to think that Nataly Dawn’s beautiful new album “For You” had something to do with it. Friends, the EP (is that the right term? I'm no music reviewer...) is contemplative and melancholy, while busting out wee country ditties alongside intimately atmospheric songwriting. And Nataly, friend of the Missive and dog mom to the magical Muppet, partnered with her My Terrible Friend bandmate Lauren O’Connell to produce the album, and it’s gosh darned delightful to hear clarinets dance alongside raw acoustic guitar. So if you do one thing today, please head on over to the music-listening app of your choice and check this absolutely lovely / soul-affirming / ear-worming EP, which includes what might be my new favorite song, “Coffee Baby.” It’s SO. GOOD.

Oh, and stuff is still happening outside my AirPods? I guess?

I love you all. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy