Speaker Ryan's Daily Workout is More Accomplished than Me.

Instead of watching the debate, I spent the evening at Odd Salon’s yearly “Oddments” celebration of super random learning, after I went to yoga. Don’t worry, I’ll have your hot takes and GIFs tomorrow, once the oily slick of sadness penetrates more deeply into our national psyche.

May we all have the discipline and devotion of bearded Speaker Ryan:
My friend Miles is super creative and awesome, making an XKCD-homage to Tesla:

The Daily Show’s Proposals For New U.S. Terror Alert System (on Medium, naturally.)

On the anniversary of Christopher Hitchens’s death, take a second to read David Frum’s 2011 notes on his recently-departed friend. From the National Post:

"Christopher did not offer a model of what to think. He offered a model of how to think – and how to live. Fully. Fearlessly. Joyously. And then, alas too soon, of how to die: without bluster but without flinching, boldly writing until the fingers moved no more."

Also, one of my favorite Hitchens quotes: "To the dumb question, 'Why me?' the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, 'Why not?’"

YouTube, as a medium, has given birth to its own linguistic tricks, dubbed “YouTube voice.” It consists of extra vowels, long consonants, and may be based on Jon Stewart’s style of Daily Show delivery.

Merriam-Webster’s “word of the year” is -ism. That’s it, back to bed for me.

Hell is the comment section on a TechCrunch story on diversity. Ugh, these people are using their really names.

Hot on the heals of my professed love for crappy coffee, I just spent 20 minutes reading and re-reading Wirecutter’s The Best Coffee Grinder. Hipster cognitive dissonance is real, people.

And for some morning LOLs: I normally don’t post these political song dubs, but Obama “singing” Hotline Bling is one of the more mesmerizing things to watch in a while.

See you all bright and early tomorrow!