Stabbing Drones, Morning Podcasts, and Rotunda Gazing

Happy Wednesday, darlings. I had the pleasure of spending time in the Library of Congress yesterday, researching my talk for Odd Salon in San Francisco next Tuesday, April 12th. Was that a subtle plug to buy tickets? I think that was a subtle plug to buy tickets. May you all have skin as lovely as the newsie on the LoC internal newspaper search.

After last night in Wisconsin, 2016 remains up in the air as this epic presidential primary season continues to trudge towards oblivion. Last night, both Sanders and Cruz pulled out wins that move both parties towards contentious, possibly contested conventions. Trumplandia is starting to show cracks, with a discontent staff and layoffs. And in response to a week in which voters suddenly realized how awful he's perceived by women, he brought his wife Melania onto the stump to soften his image. Melanie said, “As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder,” a statement that in no way makes me think he’s got the temperament to have this finger on the big red button.

Y’all, you know this, I’m still Team Hillary. And if you’re one of the ones who’ve said “she’s just not relatable” or “I couldn’t see myself having a beer with her,” I politely suggest you give Glenn Thrush’s Off Message podcast a listen this week - I’m half way through, so take the recommendation as you will. Shows the guarded but warm weariness Clinton is inhabiting right now as she faces a continued uphill battle. It reminded me that she’s an actual person, with a dry sense of humor and an introspective streak, who knows her strengths and weaknesses. A candid and interesting conversation.

In other news, let us re-admire the fantastic Vaping California Congressman Rep. Duncan Hunter, who recently spent $1,302 of campaign funds on video games over a two month period.

And finally, I look forward to our robot overlords: Clever Drone Sure Knows How to Keep From Getting Stabbed.