Stared At A Wall For Three Minutes Trying To Think Of An Interesting Subject Line, But All That Came To My Mind Was Someone Needs To Make A Gritty Opera. Thanks, 2020.

Dearests! It’s the eighth night of Hanukkah, the 17th day of December, and we’re towards the end of the 12th month of 2020. And if you thought I was going to do some clever number wordplay above, thank you for assuming I have the mental bandwidth to do so, but I’m gonna have to disappoint you on that one, because this damned year hath wrung most of my creativity and cleverness from my feeble mind. A reminder that merely coping and getting through this year is a goddamned miracle.

Instead, I got you internet links! Enjoy!

  • If you have a hankering to pad outside into freezing temperatures whilst slippered and messy-haired and just howl at the moon for being a cruel mistress at allowing such human idiocy and selfishness in 2020, do read the Texas Monthly piece Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+ on the BS they are witnessing as weddings continue under COVID. The first two paragraphs alone will make you want to toss your laptop into the snow. And then I encourage you to Jack Crosbie’s Discourse Blog response entitled Every Good Wedding Has a Little Human Sacrifice for an elaboration on why it seems SO easy for people to pretend this deadly highly communicable disease doesn’t exist. It won’t make you feel better, at all! Wooooo! 

  • Well isn’t this just lovely and terrifying and so so so very bad on all of the levels: White Nationalists Sought Resumes for Trump White House, Emails Show.  A reminder that hate is pretty darned transferable, and tends to grow and mutate beyond intellectual constrictions when left unchecked, so we shouldn’t be surprised that this administration *checks notes* doesn’t give two hoots about the wellbeing of its citizens during a pandemic.

  • Ugggggggh, Palm Beach cocktail parties are going to be sooooooo awkward once we’re allowed to hang out in groups again (or already are? I dunno what the rules are like in Florida right now): Mar-a-Lago neighbors to Trump: Spend your post-presidency elsewhere (Washington Post)

  • Today, in ‘quelle surprise’: Fifty Years of Tax Cuts for Rich Didn’t Trickle Down, Study Says (Bloomberg)

  • And finally, Rolling Stone is watching out for our delicate mental states: 33 Moments That Made Us Smile in 2020.  (and btw, this led me to go down a 6:30 am Rolling Stone rabbit hole, where I learned that Taylor Swift moved her album release date from the 18th to the 10th because Paul McCartney was releasing his on that date, and the fact that those two talk on the phone makes me happy.

Hope you’ve got the coziest of blankets to roll yourself into. Be kind to each other, stay home if you can, and for the love of all things good, wear those masks!

Xoxo Amy